Geneva Shopping

Through the Looking Glass: Window Shopping in Geneva
Sometimes looking is just as rewarding as buying and in Geneva finding one’s way to the Rue de Rive and the Rue du Rhone offers a stimulating and tangible experience of life in Geneva. These are two of Geneva’s most extravagant streets and of course, they also offer some of the most lavish retailers, however the atmosphere is lively and with the wide variety of boutiques and shops, it is possible to find a little something that can fit into almost every budget.

The Flea Market Goes European
Yes, Europeans do flea markets and none do them better than the Swiss. The Plainpalais Flea Market is where tourists go to mingle with the locals. Plainpalais is Geneva’s largest outdoor flea market and come rain, shine, or various amounts of snow, it is open three days a week. This particular market offers a variety of Swiss antiques, handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, and a way to stretch those vacation budgets for travlers looking for a bargain and a treat. 

Diversity in Travel; Diversity in Life
The Rue des Paquis is one Geneva’s most diverse and price-friendly eight square blocks and provides a wide array of international authentic cuisine, ethnic shops and bookstores. The Paquis is also known as one of the most diverse neighborhoods and offers a nice mix of students, international workers, and families.

Where the Tourists Go
One of the most popular areas to shop in Geneva is the famous Rue du Mont Blanc. This boulevard incorporates traditional Swiss crafts as well as confectionaries and cafes all situated in a spacious area located on the waterfront. For those interested in sampling fresh food direct from local farmers, visiting one of Geneva’s many outdoor markets is a must such as The Boulevard Helvetique and the Place du Molard. Geneva’s largest public square is located in Carouge and offers a vast local market catering to various Swiss made goods. Counterpoint to Geneva’s outdoor markets, there are also numerous opportunities to visit the malls and department stores. Centre Balexert is the largest mall in Geneva and boasts over 110 stores including a gourmet grocery and cinema complex. Manor Department store offers tourists a ground floor market, as well as the necessary staples from electronics to cosmetics.