Getting Around Geneva

For people coming into Geneva from far distances, the best way to get into the city would be to fly into Geneva Cointrin International Airport, which is located only a few minutes away from the city center. The airport continues to be one of the busiest airports in Switzerland as it handles over 13 million passengers each year. Over 30 different airlines offer daily flights in and out of the airport. Daily flights are available to practically any major city in Europe and Asia, with select additional destinations available to several cities in the United States.

Another very common way for getting into Geneva is to take a train. The city is located along several major European train lines including the SBB-CFF-FFS connection, which provides daily transit to several cities around Switzerland. The city is also located along the SNCF network, which can provide convenient service to anywhere in France. All trains run through the Geneva Airport Railway Station, which is connected to the airport and can make connecting to planes very easy. 

Once inside Geneva, there are various public transportation options. The city’s public transportation system is operated by the Transports Publics Genevois, which is referred to as the TPG. The most expansive transport system in the city is the bus system, which has about 50 different routes that run throughout the city. Of these routes about a dozen run late into the night. Each bus can handle over 150 passengers, and there are hundreds of stops located throughout the city. 

Beyond the buses in Geneva, another option would be to take a tram. The tram system tends to be the fastest option, although it covers less ground than the bus system. The tram system has a total of about 6 different tram lines, each of which have close to 20 different stops. Over a million people ride the tram on a daily basis. Many of the tram stops can be used as connecting points to get onto one of the bus lines. 

Boat & Ferry
Another transportation option is to take the public boat and ferry system that is operated by Mouettes Genevoises Navigation. This boat and ferry system runs a total of four different lines that can provide people quick transportation through the city’s various waterways. There are four different lines, which are used by thousands of commuters and tourists on a daily basis.